The best things in life are free! Indeed! Hahaha! The Crown Regency Resort in Boracay is a paradise. And when one of the employees offered to show us around for free, I was really overwhelmed! They offered free entrance to the Oceanarium, tour around the resort, visit the vacant rooms in the hotel, free coffee and juice, and free lunch! Yey! The employee was so hospitable and even offered to take a lot of pictures of us inside the resort.

I gazed in awe at the famous “WAVERIDER” inside the resort. They even gave us a free voucher to experience the wave pool! Sadly, we weren’t able to experience surfing since we didn’t have the time and we still need to visit a lot of places in the island. I was amazed by the beauty of the place, clean rooms and yummy food 🙂 The staff are also friendly and accommodating.

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My fiance 🙂


sitting pretty 🙂 ^_^

With my superclosefriends Emely and Mae 🙂
Mich and Farrah sa background ^_^
I can feel the fresh air 🙂

According to our tour guide, their Oceanarium houses the Biggest Pearl in the World, the Pearl of the King. If you want to know more about their rooms rates, you can visit their website at for more information 🙂

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