Day 20, 2019

I used to be very talkative and loud until I learned the beauty of meditation and solitude.

And then I started learning and reading about energy, the universe, vibes, multiple dimensions, parallel universe, magic, and the power of subconscious mind. It’s quite strange, to be honest, but they make a lot of sense. At least in my own experience. And now, I’m silent most of the time because I can not talk to anybody about the interesting things that I’m passionate about. All these things won’t make sense to them. I really want to talk about magic, the universe, positive vibes, energy and the beauty of the world but I feel like a lot of people won’t understand. And few people really think that you’re crazy when you talk about things they don’t understand. 😢
So I decided to enjoy solitude until I find a spirit or a soul that has the same passion as mine. The world is full of noise, let me listen to what is important. 

I’m different. I think differently.

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