Do you want to be rewarded for sharing your opinion?

A lot of people┬ácomplain about their family and friends giving unsolicited opinions. I’m sure you’ve experienced voicing out your opinion but was not appreciated, right? So, instead of throwing your opinions everywhere, you might as well sign up for this Paid Survey. You will surely earn by┬ásharing your opinion. ­čÖé

In my own experience, taking surveys is an enjoyable way to make money online. There are a lot of Paid Survey Sites and I will be sharing some of them here on my blog (as requested by my friends). Please take note that this is just additional income and it’s really up to you if you will spend most of your time taking surveys. I personally just take surveys on my free time and I don’t think that this is something that you can do as full time job. One of my favorite sites is┬áGlobalTestMarket. They┬áno longer support referral program so I suggest that you sign up directly on their website www.globaltestmarket.com.

What I love about GlobalTestMarket is that I receive survey invitations everyday and sometimes, a few times a day.

According to their website and FAQ, the amount of the reward will vary depending on two factors:

The urgency of the online survey — more urgent surveys will offer higher incentives.
The length of the online survey — the more time required on your part, the larger the reward.

They will reward you with LifePoints for every survey that you complete. Once you have accumulated enough LifePoints, you can then redeem your reward through PAYPAL. There are still other options for you to redeem your reward but sending it to PAYPAL is the most convenient option for me. For PAYPAL:

285 LifePoints = 250 PHP

570 LifePoints = 500 PHP

1130 LifePoints = 1000 PHP

I have redeemed my rewards a lot of times already so I can definitely say that this paid survey site is legit.

Some of the transactions in my PAYPAL account are from my online surveys.

I know that the amount isn’t much but it can sometimes┬ápay my bills for the internet. I will be posting some helpful tips on how to redeem the points, how to transfer it to your PAYPAL account, and how to transfer from PAYPAL to your bank account. I will also post the other online surveys that I’ve participated. Just leave a comment if you have questions. ­čÖé

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