If you are reading this, you might have experienced the same problem as I had when I transferred funds online. But first, let me tell you this, DON’T WORRY. Banks have a record of these transactions and they can help you locate your money. The real challenge is the amount of time you have to spend to follow-up with the bank or contact customer service.


I was transferring funds from my Union Bank account to my BPI account online. I double-checked all the needed information before I submitted the request. Unfortunately, I suddenly received an error message and didn’t receive confirmation. When I refreshed the page, the fund was gone. I was so worried because I couldn’t provide any confirmation to prove that I made the said transaction.


You can solve this type of problem without going to any physical bank branch.

  1. In my experience, it’s always helpful to take screenshots for future reference.
  2. Call customer service right away.
    For Security Bank, you can contact them at 0288418600. Please make sure that your account number is ready when you make the call. The customer service representative told me to wait for 1 to 2 banking days for the fund to be credited to my BPI account even though I did not receive a confirmation.
  3. Send an email to make sure that you have a written copy of the conversation.
    You can send the email to customer.service@unionbankph.com. After 2 banking days, I still have not received the funds in my BPI account so I contacted customer service again through email and was told to wait 2-3 banking days.
  4. You can reach out to them using social media, preferably Twitter for faster response.
    This is their official twitter account: twitter.com/unionbankph. Please make sure that you are contacting their verified social media accounts. After a few minutes of interaction through Twitter, the money was credited to my BPI account right away.
    Union Bank has excellent customer service but you just have to be patient with the process. And don’t worry, you will get your money back in this case. 🙂

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